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    Novikov "Envek" Andrey

    Software engineer. Japan, Osaka.

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    Hello! My name is Andrey. I’m a programmer and software developer located in Osaka, Japan.

    I am a web developer with a strong passion to build rock solid applications: secure, reliable, fast.

    Mostly I’m programming in Ruby (Ruby on Rails framework) with heavy reliance on the PostgreSQL.

    I love open source ideology, use and improve open source products wherever and whenever I can. I have contributed to such projects as Ruby on Rails and even created my own Ruby gems like Yabeda or After Commit Everywhere. See my GitHub profile for more.

    Blog posts

    I’ve written a bunch of blog posts at Martian chronicles (in English), at Habr.com (in Russian), in my personal blog (right here), and even some Twitter threads on Twitter.