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    Novikov "Envek" Andrey

    Software engineer. Japan, Osaka.

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  • DIR-300 and IPoE

    Year ago my parents’ ISP have decided to change connection method to IPoE. But currently used router wasn’t able to work via IPoE. What to do?

    I wasn’t able to make it work with native firmware, so I’ve decided to switch to custom firmware. I’ve chosen DD-WRT (mostly randomly).

    I flashed router with this firmware: http://dd-wrt.com/routerdb/de/download/D-Link/DIR-300/B1/dlink-dir300b-factory-webflash.bin/3577 via web interface, configured DD-WRT. And there was internet!

    But the one issue still exists: status LEDs “Internet” and “Power” are always red. Ok, Google. Soon I’ve found a simple script, and, after a bit rewriting:

    sleep 15 ; gpio disable 9; gpio enable 8; gpio disable 11 ; gpio enable 13
    while : ; do sleep 15; ping google.com -c 1 && (gpio disable 12; gpio enable 14;) || (gpio enable 12; gpio disable 14;) done &

    I’ve placed it in “Startup script” field in DD-WRT and…

    More than year it works fine.

    Useful links: